Ilé de seu Peixinho

Ilé de Seu Peixinho, "Senzala's Center of Capoeira, Art and Culture" is an institution that aims to research, preserve, teach and disseminate capoeira and related cultural expressions always from a thought and practice developed by Marcelo Azevedo Guimarães, Mestre Peixinho.

Our institution is formed by three schools: Mestre Ramos'� school (Centro Cultural Senzala - Memôria Viva Mestre Peixinho), Mestre Steen' school (Capoeiraskolen Senzala) and Mestre Toni Vargas' school. The unification of love and respect for the art of Capoeira that Mestre Peixinho planted in us, is where we begin and to where we always return.