Our main center

Centrally located on Frederiksberg, 5 min. walk from Lindevang metro station, with good parking facilities and ample space for the box bike, is the main center of the Capoeiraskolen Senzala.

Our beautiful, bright premises are furnished by designer Joy Fonseca, who has elegantly merged our Nordic aesthetics with the warm colors of Brazil, thereby creating a fantastically welcoming house that celebrates the culture and the school's 30-year history.

Our large bright 200 square meter training room consists of a 50 m2 mat area for stretching and acrobatics training, as well as 150 m2 with a wooden floor and mirrors on the end wall, perfect for dance lessons.

In our cozy lounge, you can have a good cup of coffee with some sweet, cold drinks and fruit while you as a parent wait, or enjoy each other's company after training. Nice, clean, fragrant baths, changing facilities and toilets are a luxury we prioritize.

At workshops or festive events, it is possible to cook in our kitchen, with direct access to our sunny yard.

For rent for teaching etc., please contact Steen Møller on phone 20 48 40 49 or steen@senzala.dk